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Improve The View From Your Deck!

The aluminum railing systems we sell have a powder coat finish that makes them weather proof and rot-rust-corrosion resistant, for very low maintenance!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether you are a developer, contractor, builder, or condo association committee we look forward to hearing from you. We also want to work with resorts, golf clubs, hotels and motels.

Our Aluminum Railing System

Our line of aluminum railings is an engineered system that exceeds the UBC and BOCA requirements for spacing and loading. We offer numerous aluminum railing models to complement virtually any architectural style, all made from the best maintenance-free parts available -- powder-coated aluminum, tempered glass, and stainless steel fasteners.

What Does Maintenance-Free Mean?

Our railings are made of aluminum (will not rust) and the exposed surfaces are finished with a powder-coat finish. Wooden railings, even when painted or stained, are likely to rot, decay, peel or fade, and are prone to a buildup of mold and mildew.

Our railings virtually eliminate the maintenance problems associated with old wooden railings. No painting, no repainting, no rust, no priming, no staining, no recoats ... we could go on. If you've ever spent the time required (every year!) to maintain a wooden railing, you will truly appreciate being able to devote your time to something more pleasing to you.

deck railings

deck railing

What Type of Post Mountings Are Available?

Both our larger and smaller aluminum posts can be configured to attach to the deck either on the top surface or on the fascia (the side of the deck).

Bear in mind that the structure the deckrails are to be fastened to may need to be replaced, since the railing system will only be as strong as the material it is fastened to.

What is Powder Coating and Why Use It?

Powder coating is one of the most durable exterior finishes available today. It is used on many metal items that are exposed to the weather because, as a finish, it is the best way to insure durability, weather resistance, and color retention.

A powder-coated finish is part paint and part polyester sealer/resin. The finish is applied as a powder, electrostatically, and while held to the metal this way, is baked in an oven. It is baked at a hot enough temperature so, in effect, the outside layer of the metal fuses with the melted powder forming a hard, weather-resistant finish.

What Standard Powder Coat Colors are Available?

Colors will appear differently on different browsers, and so are approximate.

   white White: A medium- to high-gloss white
   black Satin Black: A medium-gloss black
   beige Beige: A medium high-gloss beige
   beige Oyster Grey: A medium high-gloss neutral color
   sandalwood Sandalwood: A medium high-gloss darker beige
   evergreen Evergreen: A dark warm green
   light grey Light Grey: A medium gloss pale grey
   brown Brown: Matches commerical aluminum storefront windows and doors.

Custom Fabrication?

Besides our railings, we also love the challenge of custom designs. Let's discuss your needs: Handrails; Fencing; Gates; Trellis; and Custom Fabricated Deck Structures.

aluminum railings

Balcony Railings Renovation

Home owners and condominium owners are facing decisions about exterior balcony and deck railings. Condos and homes constructed during the building boom of the 1960s and '70s dealt with less stringent building codes than we have today. Sometimes we see that cost-cutting caused developers to use lesser materials that have not held up to time, constant temperature changes, or humidity. Associations are now finding that the exterior balconies of their buildings are in immediate need of attention.

Sometimes the current screws have rusted and eroded to the point where they may fail. The rail should be replaced immediately. Your family and visitor's safety may be at stake. Older aluminum railings were put together with steel screws holding the vertical pickets to the top and bottom rails. The steel parts rust because of a process called electrolysis (the reaction of incompatible metals touching one another).

Today when you start renovating your exterior decks and balconies you will find much better materials to replace your old rotten ones. We have some solutions to these problems. We sell a welded aluminum picket rail system. All members are welded to each other and delivered to the job site in the longest possible sections, ready for your installer. We also offer a great tempered glass and aluminum system that allows you to better enjoy your view.

Give us a call or and we can have a look at your remodel situation. We just know you will love our products.

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